Elizabeth K. Joseph

E-mail: lyz@princessleia.com
Web: www.princessleia.com

Developer advocate and senior systems administrator and infrastructure architect with over a decade of experience with highly- available, scalable systems built upon open source technologies. Author of The Official Ubuntu Book (8th and 9th Editions) and Common OpenStack Deployments. Frequent speaker on infrastructure and DevOps topics at conferences around the world.


Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora
Containers: Apache Mesos, Docker, DC/OS
Configuration Management: Puppet, Ansible
Monitoring: Nagios, Icinga2, Prometheus
Virtualization: OpenStack, Xen, KVM, VirtualBox
Database administration: PostgreSQL, MySQL
Continuous Integration: Gerrit, Zuul, Jenkins, GitLab
Public-facing services: Apache, Exim, Postfix
Networking: iptables, tcpdump, route, iproute2, Linux multi-homing, bridging, OpenVPN
Scripting, Programming & Markup: Python, Perl, bash, HTML, CSS, LaTeX, YAML, XML, JSON


Developer Advocate
2017 – 2018
Mesosphere, Inc.
Telecommute from San Francisco Bay Area, Philadelphia

  • Speaking at conferences worldwide, as an advocate for Open Source Infrastructure, DC/OS and Mesos
  • Write articles and blog posts related to emerging container-based technologies and infrastructure
  • Develop demonstrations for community members to demonstrate usage of DC/OS
  • Engage with open source DC/OS community via mailing lists, Slack, regular video conferences and face-to-face meetings
  • Consult internally about open source strategy
  • Keep community-facing resources engaging and current, including GitHub, project website and social media

Senior Automation and Tools Engineer
2013 – 2016
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Telecommute from San Francisco, California

  • Speaking at conferences worldwide, as a representative of HPE on a multitude of topics
  • Writing articles for the HPE blog and open source publications
  • Managing Puppet-deployed Ubuntu and CentOS systems
  • Handling local and cloud-based virtualization test instances
  • Code and configuration management in git and Gerrit
  • System configuration and Python code review
  • QA and debugging of OpenStack development builds

Linux Systems Administrator
2006 – 2012
LinuxForce, Inc.
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania (Telecommute from San Francisco, California since 2010)

  • Performing routine server installation and maintenance for a variety of company- and customer-owned servers throughout the Philadelphia region
  • Infrastructure design, deployment and maintenance of virtualized, high-availability (HA) clusters
  • Consulting for and implementing data and services migrations
  • Reviewing and diagnostics of infrastructure for new clients
  • Monitoring system messages and resolving problematic items
  • Debian software packaging, internally and in the official Debian distribution repository
  • Technical documentation writing, including public-facing documents on company website and blog
  • Member of technical on-call rotation
  • Supervising and project coordinating of hired contractors
  • Direct customer support and relationship management via phone and e-mail
  • Handling contractor scheduling, payroll and invoices

Web Developer
2003 – 2004
Digital Wave Technologies Inc
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania


Board of Directors, Treasurer
2011 – Present
Partimus (www.partimus.org)
San Francisco, California

Partimus is a non-profit organization that provides repurposed computers running free software to students and schools which need them.

  • Technical and social advisor
  • Management of blog, e-mail and web services
  • Banking and financial bookkeeping
  • On-site Linux Desktop and Server deployment and maintenance

Ubuntu Community Council Member
2009 – 2015
Ubuntu (community.ubuntu.com)

The Ubuntu Community Council is the primary community governance body for the Ubuntu project. Members of this Council are elected by the community after demonstrating considerable committment to the project.

  • Participate in Ubuntu Developer Summits twice a year
  • Help draft and make community-related decisions and direction
  • Oversee, staff and delegate responsibilities to other boards, councils and teams

Group Coordinator
2007 – 2009
Philadelphia area Linux Users Group (PLUG) (www.phillylinux.org)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PLUG is the largest Linux group in Philadelphia with over 800 members on the core mailing list and three chapters around the Philadelphia region meeting monthly.

  • Speaker recruitment for all chapters
  • Venue selection and relationship management
  • Management of website content and mailing list
  • Publication of meeting announcements

Group Coordinator
2003 – 2008
Philadelphia area LinuxChix Chapter (phillychix.org)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PhillyChix is a chapter of the international LinuxChix organization providing a friendly environment for women to to meet up to talk about Linux, network and share ideas.

  • Venue selection and meeting planning and announcements
  • Management of mailing list
  • Administration of website server and website content
  • Relationship management with book publishers who provided review copies of technical books for the group

O’Reilly Open Source Award
2012 — Portland, Oregon
Presented at OSCON for individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of Open Source.

OpenSource.com People’s Choice Award
2016 — opensource.com
Opensource.com awards people from the community who have excelled in contributing and sharing stories about open source.

Finalist, Red Hat Women in Open Source Award
2015 — https://www.redhat.com/en/about/women-in-open-source
Recognizing the contributions women are making and inspire a new generation to join the open source movement.


Keynote: CI/CD of Microservices with Containers
OpenDevConf CI/CD — 2018 — Vancouver, Canada

Keynote Panel Moderator: SMACK in the Enterprise
MesosCon Europe — 2017 — Prague, Czechia

Keynote Panel Moderator: Future of Cluster Management
MesosCon North America — 2017 — Los Angeles, California

Keynote: The Open Sourcing of Infrastructure
SLC DevOps Days — 2017 — Salt Lake City, Utah

Keynote: Demoing the World’s Largest Multi-Cloud CI Application
OpenStack Summit — 2016 — Barcelona, Spain

Keynote: Listening to the Needs of your Global Open Source Community
FOSSCON — 2016 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Keynote: Building a Career in Free and Open Source Software
UbuCon Latin America — 2015 — Lima, Peru

Keynote: OpenStack’s Continuous Integration Infrastructure
DORS/Croatian Linux Users Convention — 2014 — Zagreb, Croatia

Keynote: Universal Design for Tech: Improving Gender Diversity in our Industry
LOPSA-East — 2014 — New Brunswick, New Jersey

Keynote: Making a Difference for Millions: Getting Involved with FOSS
FOSSCON — 2011 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Women of Open Source (panelist)
SDForum Tech Women Program — 2011 — Mountain View, California

Virtualization Roundtable (Xen panelist and moderator)
Philadelphia area Linux Users Group — 2009 — Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania